iFishFarm core business is rearing pure Nile Tilapia fish up to maturity, to finally harvest and sell a superior fresh fish product for regional populations lacking protein-rich food. Initially the focus is to provide wholesalers with fish product under favorable contracts and avoiding the complexity of the logistics to reach end consumers in the region. Ultimately, the final aim is to address these challenges and to serve low income groups with quality fish and processed products deriving from it.
Our tilapia is hormone-free, mercury-free, fed without any antibiotics and yet very high in proteins and Omega-3s!
Upon the request of local fish farmers, iFishFarm has also engaged in “impact trading”, distributing quality fish feed and fish nets from its plot in Bugala island, keeping prices affordable and offering technical advice. In this environment of cooperation, iFishFarm has been a strong promoter of several technical workshops and the birth of a fish farming association in the district.